Download FMWhatsApp APK Latest Version January 2024 – All In One Guide For Beginners

In 2024, FM Whatsapp APK will be the most prominent application for hiding last seen, status, and locking chat. Unlike the WhatsApp Plus, FMWA offers powerful features like safe video/audio calling, chat locking, status downloading, text forwarding, hidden blue tick, anti-deletion, and full customization.

FM Whatsapp APK download for your Android device from this website if you want a virus- and malware-free file. So let your hair down; if you’re unfamiliar with FMWA latest version, look over the complete guide before downloading and make your day happy as a Larry.

All About FM WhatsApp APK in 2024?

FM Whatsapp latest version apk download version of WhatsApp that was developed by a third party that is based on the original WhatsApp application. As a result, the app aims to improve the overall user experience by introducing various customization options, privacy features, and additional functionalities not found in the official app. 

The FM WhatsApp application (also known as Fouad WhatsApp) does not have the endorsement of the official WhatsApp development team, as its name implies. Using FM WhatsApp has many advantages, including extensive customization options. 

Users can customize the application’s interface by changing the theme, colors, and layouts. As a result, users can create a personalized and visually appealing experience on their smartphones.

FM WhatsApp 19.35 apk download APK Details 

App NameFM WhatsApp APK
Android Version9.95
Version2024 Latest Version
App CategoryCommunication App
App Size75 MB
PurposeExtra Chat Features
RequirementsAndroid 5.0+

Moreover, FM WhatsApp offers a range of privacy features unavailable in the official app compared to FM Whatsapp old version 7.60 apk download. These include hiding last seen, hiding status, and setting custom contact privacy options. These features give users more control over who can see what information they share on WhatsApp.

In addition, FM WhatsApp introduces several features not available in the official version. One of the most notable features is the ability to turn off forwarded messages and mark them as read. These features can help manage spam and unwanted messages. As an unofficial app, it is essential to consider the potential risks of using FM Whatsapp apk download new version. While it offers various advantages, it also comes with certain risks. 

Additionally, using FM Whatsapp latest APK may violate the terms and conditions of the official WhatsApp app. This can lead to account restrictions and potential security risks. It is advisable to carefully review the terms and conditions before using any unofficial app like FM Whatsapp latest apk download.

FM WhatsApp Download

Key Features of FM WhatsApp APK Latest Version

Here are several unique features of FMWA latest version that make your day happy as a Larry such as;

FM WhatsApp apk

Privacy Features

FM Whatsapp offers various privacy features that allow users to protect their chats and personal information. Here are some key features:

  • Hide Chats: Users can hide specific chat threads from their main chat list. Hidden chats can still be seen and accessed but won’t appear on the main screen.
  • Anti-Revoke: FM Whatsapp provides anti-revoke functionality, meaning that once a message is sent, it can’t be deleted or modified from both sides. This feature ensures message integrity.
  • Custom Themes: FM Whatsapp allows users to customize their app with various themes. Users can choose from various color combinations, gradients, and patterns to make the app more personal and visually appealing.

Advanced Security Features

FM Whatsapp incorporates several advanced security features to safeguard user data and privacy. These features include: All messages sent and received using FM Whatsapp are encrypted, ensuring confidentiality and preventing unauthorized access.

  • Fingerprint Unlock: Users can protect their app by setting up fingerprint authentication. This feature adds an extra layer of security by requiring biometric authentication to access the app.
  • App Lock: New FM Whatsapp updates offers a built-in app lock feature, allowing users to secure the app with a password or pattern, preventing unauthorized access.
  • Anti-Delete: FM Whatsapp provides anti-delete functionality, allowing users to see deleted messages and recover them if needed.
  • Anti-Hack: FM Whatsapp has implemented anti-hack measures to protect users from unauthorized access and security breaches.
FM WhatsApp Adjust Security Settings

DND Mode

DND mode, also known as ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, prevents users from being disturbed by incoming messages during specific times. This feature allows users to set predefined intervals during which they will receive no notifications or messages.

FM WhatsApp Download APK

Status Downloading

FM Whatsapp allows users to download the status of other users, even if they are not in direct conversation with them. This feature is useful when users want to retain a contact’s status for future reference or share it with friends.

FM WhatsApp Install

Group Settings

FM Whatsapp offers various group settings to enhance group communication and collaboration. Some notable features include:

  • Group Name: Users can set a custom name for each group, making it easier to identify and differentiate among groups of contacts.
  • Group Description: Users can briefly describe the group, providing additional context or purpose.
  • Group Privacy: FM Whatsapp provides options to control who can send messages and join the group, ensuring privacy and exclusivity.
Verify Your Number

Always Online

FM Whatsapp offers a dedicated feature called ‘Always Online’ that allows users to appear online even when not used. This feature can be useful for users who want to keep their presence active, even when not actively using the app.

Chat Backup

FM Whatsapp offers a built-in chat backup feature, allowing users to back up their chats and restore them if needed. This feature ensures that user data remains secure and accessible even if the app is uninstalled or the device is lost.

Customise Settings

Message Scheduler

FM Whatsapp includes a message scheduler feature that allows users to schedule messages to be sent later. This feature allows users to plan and manage their communication more efficiently.

Auto Reply

FM Whatsapp offers an auto-reply feature, allowing users to set automated responses for incoming messages. This feature is particularly useful when the user is unavailable or needs to respond to repetitive messages automatically.

These additional features make FM Whatsapp a powerful messaging app with enhanced privacy, security, and customization options.

What’s New in FM Whatsapp business apk download

There are several unique features that make FM Whatsapp mod apk download more advanced compared to WhatsApp Mod;

1. Shake to Meet New Friends

FM WhatsApp update APK introduces a new and exciting feature called “Shake to Meet New Friends.” This innovative feature lets you easily connect with other users with similar interests or preferences. 

To use the “Shake to Meet New Friends” feature, shake your device, and FM WhatsApp will automatically connect you with a random user from within your contact list. This random connection allows you to expand your social circle and connect with individuals who share similar interests.

2. Message Scheduler

You can schedule your messages to be sent later with FM WhatsApp Message Scheduler. This is particularly useful if you want to send messages to someone when they are not available or if you want to remind them of an important event.

To use the Message Scheduler feature, compose your message and select the time and date when you want it to be sent. FM WhatsApp will then automatically send the message at the scheduled time.

3. New Collection of Theme Pack

FM WhatsApp APK offers a diverse range of new theme packs. These theme packs enhance your WhatsApp experience and give it a personal touch. With FM WhatsApp, you can change the look and feel of your WhatsApp app to match your style and interests. Whether colorful and vibrant or sleek and professional, FM WhatsApp has something for everyone.

4. Voice Changer

FMWA APK introduces a voice changer feature that allows you to modify the sound of your voice during voice calls. This can be useful for creating fun conversations or disguising your voice for privacy reasons.

To use the voice changer feature, select the desired voice effect and start a voice call. FM WhatsApp will automatically apply the desired voice effect to your voice during the call.

5. New Collection of Stickers Pack

Adding stickers to FMWA APK lets you express your reactions and emotions during conversations. These stickers are categorized into various categories, such as emotions, reactions, and more. 

With FM WhatsApp, you can add stickers to your message to make it more expressive and unique. Whether you’re sending a happy birthday wish or expressing your feelings, stickers can help enhance your communication.

6. New Collection of Wallpapers Pack

Adding wallpapers to your device’s background is easy with FM WhatsApp APK. Various themes are featured, including nature, cityscapes, and more. With FM WhatsApp, you can change the wallpaper of your WhatsApp app to match your mood or personal style. Whether you’re looking for a serene nature scene or a trendy cityscape, FM WhatsApp APK has a variety of wallpapers to choose from.

7. Message a number without saving any contact.

FM WhatsApp allows you to message a number without saving the contact in your phone’s address book. This can be useful if you want to stay anonymous or if you want to send a message to someone who is not saved in your contacts list. 

To use the Message Without Contact feature, enter the phone number of the person you want to message and send the message. FM WhatsApp will automatically connect you to the person’s WhatsApp account and allow you to message them without saving their contact information.

8. New Font Styles

The FMWA APK adds new font styles for customizing the font of your WhatsApp messages. This allows you to create a personalized and visually appealing conversation experience. With the new font styles feature, you can select from different styles such as bold, italic, underline, and more. This allows you to create a unique and eye-catching look for your WhatsApp messages.

9. New Notification Bar

FM WhatsApp APK introduces a newly designed notification bar with a cleaner and more intuitive interface. The new notification bar includes message notifications, missed calls, and more. With FMWA APK, you can easily access and manage your message notifications directly from the notification bar. You can also switch between different notification settings to suit your needs.

10. Translator

In FMWA APK, a real-time translator allows you to translate messages and conversations. This can be useful if you need to communicate with someone who speaks a different language. Select the message you want to translate using the translator feature, and FM WhatsApp will automatically translate it into your native language. This eliminates needing third-party translators and allows you to communicate seamlessly with people worldwide.

11. Anti-Toast

You can prevent WhatsApp messages from showing up on your lock screen with FMWA APK. This protects your privacy by ensuring your messages are invisible to others when you lock your device. Enable the Anti-Toast feature in your WhatsApp settings, and FM WhatsApp will hide the messages on your lock screen. This ensures your privacy is protected even when you’re away from your device.

12. Anti-Ban

You can prevent your account from being banned or suspended with FMWA APK Anti-Ban feature. This is particularly useful if you are using WhatsApp in a country where WhatsApp is banned or heavily restricted.

With the Anti-Ban feature, FMWA APK ensures that your account remains safe and secure, allowing you to continue using WhatsApp without any issues.

How do you download and install FMWhatApp on Android?

The following steps will guide you through downloading and installing FMWhatsApp on your Android device:

Step 1:

Your first step should be to allow apps from unknown sources. Turn on “Unknown sources” under Device >> Settings >> Security >> Unknown Sources.

FM WhatsApp Theme Customization

Step 2:

The FMWhatsApp APK file can be downloaded for free from this website.

Step 3:

After downloading the APK file, tap it to start the installation process.

Step 4:

You may need to grant permission to the app to perform its functions during installation. To complete the installation, follow the instructions on the screen.

Step 5:

Following installation, FMWhatsApp can be launched after entering your phone number into the login window, and all of its features will be available to you.


Is FM WhatsApp Safe to Use?

Yes, FM WhatsApp is generally safe to use. However, to avoid potential security risks, it’s essential to download the app from reputable sources. Stick to well-known websites or the official FM WhatsApp site.

How Does FM WhatsApp Differ from the Regular WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp offers enhanced privacy settings, extensive customization options, advanced messaging features, and multimedia-sharing enhancements beyond the capabilities of regular WhatsApp.

Can I Use FM WhatsApp on Both Android and iOS Devices?

FM WhatsApp is primarily designed for Android users. As of now, there is no official version for iOS devices. Users with Android devices can enjoy the benefits of FM WhatsApp.

Are there any potential dangers connected to the use of FM WhatsApp?

While risks are minimal, downloading from unverified sources may pose security threats. To mitigate potential risks, it’s crucial to download the app from reputable sites and keep it updated.

How Frequently Are Updates Released for FM WhatsApp?

Updates for FM WhatsApp vary, but developers consistently release new versions to address bugs, introduce new features, and enhance security. Users are recommended to verify and install updates routinely

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